Materialism lists

Today I taught on the parable of The Rich Young Fool from Luke chapter 12.  This message kicked my butt for a lot of reasons. One of which being – sometimes you don’t realize your own struggles until you are teaching about it.  The reality that Jesus challenges us to Protect ourselves from every kind of greed is something that, I think, goes wholly unnoticed in our churches today.  For those of you who asked for it, here are the lists you requested.

My Unscientific – 15 ways to know that you might be materialistic.

1.    If you own a divers watch but never go diving.
2.    If You date someone because they are rich
3.    If the Real Housewives of orange County makes you jealous.
4.    If Shopping is a hobby or your form of therapy
5.    If It takes you two hours to get ready to go to the store.
6.    If You only buy brand names.
7.    If You think people who live in Beverly Hills or Newport Beach are happier than those that live in Long Beach, Lakewood, or Carson
8.    If your selfish
9.    If you want what everyone else has.
10.    If You choose a job you hate that lets you live the life instead of a job you love that would let you be ok.
11.     If you are never content
12.    If all you do is complain about what you have and what you don’t have
13.    If you don’t give any of your time, energy or money to any causes, churches, or charitable institutions.
14.    If you are living beyond your means
15.    If you sacrifice relationships for stuff or to keep up appearances.

From Psychologist Tim Kasser  The High Price of Materialism – 19 Ugly Truths You Didn’t Know About Materialism. People who pursue money and things at the expense of relationships and other meaningful endeavors are more likely to suffer from these 19 problems:

1. Unhappiness

2. Envy and jealousy

3. Depression

4. Social anxiety

5. Passive-aggressiveness

6. Short attention span

7. Poor impulse control

8. Feelings of being controlled

9. Mistrust of others

10. Tendency to treat others as objects for personal gain

11. Shorter, more conflicted relationships

12. Feelings of social alienation

13. Less desire for equality

14. Less generosity

15. Narcissism

16. Substance abuse

17. Poor self-actualization

18. Less enjoyment of daily activities

19. Poor physical health


3 thoughts on “Materialism lists

  1. I like the philosophy that if you can’t get paid to do what you love, get a job that pays enough to let you do what you love. I would love to get paid to be a writer or a professional videogame player, but then I wouldn’t be able to provide for my family and provide opportunities for my son. So instead I choose a job I like (albeit less than the above) that allows me to do the things in life that don’t pay much.

    It doesn’t make you materialistic, just realistic. Now of course if your goal in life is to be a big shot lawyer just so you can drive a Jaguar, then yes, you might have issues.

    Instead of comparing a high-end area to a mid-range area….what about a mid-range area to a low-range? Are people in Lakewood happier than people in South Central? I would say yes.

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