Question of the day 3/27

Since this week is our last for the I Love the 80’s series I thought an 80’s question would be appropriate.

Who do you think currently has the best career that used to be an 80’s star?

– Journey
– Patrick Dempsey
– Molly Ringwald
– John Hughs
– Gun’s N Roses
– The musical Cats
– Bobby Brown
– Alan Thicke

Although I would love to say Journey, if I’m honest I would have to give it Dempsey. He’s come along way since Can’t Buy me Love.

Alright now you go….


2 thoughts on “Question of the day 3/27

  1. Hands down the answer is Patrick Dempsey. Now if you would’ve included George Clooney (80’s Facts of Life) in this question there would be a real race to see who wins. 🙂

  2. Since you threw in a musical…The Phantom of the Opera has been running non-stop in the West End (opened October 9, 1986) and Broadway (opened January 26, 1988) since the 80s. So, definitely best career.

    In my opinion, best musical of the 80s (and of all time) is Les Miserables, which has been playing non-stop on the West End, opening on October 8, 1985. Woo hoo!

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