Retreat – The non-serious recap

I say the “non-serious” because I’m not done processing.  Sunday morning I realized I needed a break.  Not a , let me run away and ignore things, kind of break but a, I just need to go spend some time with Jesus, kind of break.  If I’m honest it was too short –  which is why my more internal reflections are not yet coagulated into coherent statements.  So for now you get some of my random observations from the past 30 hours.

1. LA freeways without traffic are modern marvels of transportation and a thoroughly enjoyable undertaking.

2. LA freeways with traffic are like the seventh circle of hell causing all sorts of malicious, angst ridden, and at times violent thoughts to appear in your grey matter.

3. The Autumn Film/Page CXVI is freaking awesome and has officially changed my life.  If you like good music check em out.  You won’t be disappointed.

4. When driving through Westwood keep an eye out for people pulling over to get out of their car to dance.  Seriously…it happened.  Probably a better response to the traffic than what was in my head.

5. The water is very cold in Ventura…so cold in fact the sand crabs were sun bathing on the rocks.

6. It is impossible to find a good taco stand open past 9 in Ventura.  However, there were 7 Irish Pubs open.

7. Quantum of Solace was a let down.

8. Sometimes sitting on the beach just listening is the most refreshing thing a person can do.

9. Big rocks with moss on them cause you to slip and hurt yourself.

10. Highway 1 is beautiful and I am pretty sure faster than taking the 101. (See #2)

11. People in Malibu have too much house.  I mean if your house is the size of a large apartment complex but looks like the Getty Center I think you might be overdoing it.

12. Pepperdine University has the most stunning view of any college in So Cal.

13. I love Santa Monica.

14. Generalizations are generally correct.  For instance, the people in LA all drive convertibles.  ( I was at one point surrounded  by them).  People that drive $50,000 + cars think they own the road. (I was honked at a lot)

15. If you stay at hotel, you still have to pay for parking.  Boo!

16. There is something oddly intoxicating about the smell of farms.

17. Falling asleep to the sound of waves might just be the best way to fall asleep.

18. There is a whole bunch of people that need Jesus.

19. Christians are irritating.

20. Joy

I will be posting my other thoughts a bit later.  One thing is for sure – you can never spend too much time with Jesus.  A huge thank you to my wife for allowing me and facilitating me to go on such a retreat.  I love you Leanne.


2 thoughts on “Retreat – The non-serious recap

  1. I used to spend time with my thoughts while sitting and listening to the waves. It was intoxicating. However, I haven’t done it in years. Boo. And, I might add, that I fear my brain has become too loud to allow me to enjoy it. 😦

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