Harper’s Island – Does this make me a sociopath?

OK, so I like scary movies, mystery books, and all around freaky type things. So, it should come as no surprise that I am fairly interested in the new TV show – Harper’s Island. The premise alone is interesting to me. A TV show that is only one season long with no guarantee of any particular cast member making it. Take a look at the trailer, and hopefully you won’t think that I am sociopath.


4 thoughts on “Harper’s Island – Does this make me a sociopath?

  1. Dude…I’m intrigued. So I guess we can be sociopath’s together.
    But I have a feeling I won’t be watching cause my wife would NEVER wanna see it.

  2. I don’t know if you’re sociopath, but your some kinda crazy! There is absolutely no way I would watch that or allow my husband to watch it in any room I’m in.

  3. actually, i like that it has a ending fixed already. it’s how they do shows in most other countries and keeps things much more focused. and you can always come back for more, but don’t have to. shows like lost make me realize how far superior that system can be. plus, it makes people more creative in general and the shows have more diversity. win-win-win

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