Stolen from another blog 5/26

Ben Arment had a very simple and thoughful post that I wanted to share.  Always good stuff to think on.


Three Kinds of Jobs

By Ben Arment

1. You’re not in your sweet spot. You’re working to pay the bills and slightly miserable. You dream of better things, but can’t let go of the security (which isn’t really security) to go after your dreams.

2. You’re good at what you do… and valued. But you’re coasting. There’s no challenge and no chance to be audacious. You’re comfortable, but only if you don’t stop to think about “what if.”

3. Your faith is stretched. Every resource is being drawn from within you. The uncertainly is overwhelming, and you’re tempted to trade it all in for security… but then you’d be right back where you started.


What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Stolen from another blog 5/26

  1. BTW…I love your web site. It is so well written and accessable. Nice job Chris. And, your mom is very proud of you. She described you as “her pastor.” It is a good thing to honor your mother and you have certainly done that with your life. Atta-boy Chris. God’s richest blessings on you for that.

    Phil Davis

  2. Very interesting that you posted this. This issue has surfaced in my life again in just the past week. Hmmm…what to do with #2???

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