An Announcement!

Well my blogging fast is finally over.  Of course I am 13 days late in breaking said fast but I needed to wiat for a few things to happen first before I broke my fast with our announcement.  So here it is…

Leanne and I are planning to move back to New Orleans. While leading Revolution’s annual mission trip to New Orleans during the first week of July, Leanne and I were overwhelmed with a call to return to a city we’d left almost 4 years ago.  After much prayer and fasting by us and many others, it became clear that we needed to take a giant leap of faith and commit to an unknown calling in a city that we care deeply about.

When that decision was made in early August, we only knew two things. 1. We were going back to New Orleans and 2. We felt strongly it should be near the beginning of 2010.  Other than that we knew nothing.  We had no idea where we would work or live.  Nor did we know what specifically we were being called to do in the city.  All we knew is that we had on overwhelming sense that we were supposed to go and serve the people as best we could in ways that would meet their tangible, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

Although we still do not know where we are going to live or work, there are a few exciting things that have become clear to us that we want to share with you.

1. Leanne is going to (once again) pursue graduate level studies in Community Counseling
.  This is something that Leanne began before Katrina, but was forced to put on hold after the storm.  Leanne has never lost her passion for making a difference in urban areas and now, as we get ready to move back, it appears that God’s original call in this area wasn’t wrong…it was just preempted.

2. The Center – Having a job is one thing.   Having a call and purpose are entirely different.
Last weekend, Leanne and I felt that God finally unveiled his purpose for our lives in New Orleans.  A community center.  A community center that targets kids, teens, and adults of every background, socioeconomic status, and education level.  A community center that lives out what being “missional” is all about–going into the community to be the hands and feet of Christ by meeting the needs of the people.

This is obviously not a small undertaking…let alone something either one of us knows anything about.  It is a God idea- something that we fully believe is from Him, but we want to be sure.  Which is why we are asking you to pray for continued clarity and direction.  We want to ask you to pray for us about this and give us your honest feedback.

We want what God wants. Period.  So as we begin to move forward, it is important for us to have people praying for us every step of the way.

Please pray for….

  • Vision, Clarity and Wisdom.
  • The time frame in which all of this is happening.  We don’t want to move before God wants us to move.
  • Location of our future home as well as a site for The Center.
  • Fellow workers who are committed to the city to be called alongside us in this endeavor.
  • Financial provision/jobs
  • Provision for Leanne’s schooling.  God began to answer this prayer four years ago, so we are confident He is able to do it again!
  • Comfort for our families, friends and church family we are leaving behind.
  • For Bella’s purpose in all this to be evident as well.  God gave her to us for a reason.  We want to honor Him with her.

Feel free to email Leanne and I with any questions, thoughts, and encouragements.

So there you have it!  As we move forward Leanne and I will both be blogging this process, and you know me, I’ll always have the random blogs thrown in.  We thank you in advance for being there for us.

Ready to see what God will do,
Christopher  and Leanne Lytle


3 thoughts on “An Announcement!

  1. Praying for you both, and so excited to see the many ways God’s going to use your talents.
    We love you two, and Bella, too! :)Lori and Bill

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