Christians are crazy

Christians are crazy!  That seems to be a dominant thought with some people I know who are not Christians.  And who can blame them?  Let’s face it, for all intents and purposes we wave a freak flag of another sort…one that many times says I don’t give a rip about anyone but myself.  A while ago I saw the movie “Saved”.  I laughed so freaking hard in that movie partly because it was just that funny, and because they showed some truth in it.  Of course, I was actually depressed after watching it too, due to the fact of realizing that’s how much of the world views the church and for good reason.

Recently as I have been praying and thinking through the realities of living as if God actually cares about people  (which he does) and that I should care about people (which I do sometimes) I was struck with a thought.  Christians are crazy. In truth no more crazy then the next person but still…crazy.  I was h perusing different blogs and websites the other day and I came across several sites that solidify this in my mind…in fact much like “saved” these web sites make me laugh and get a little bit depressed.  They make me sad because I see so much hate. They make me sad because it is so hurtful to many people…and done in the name of “truth”. It makes me sad because although I am sure they have the best intentions those intentions are lost through the degradation they show for other people.

However these sites also make me laugh. It’s pretty freaking funny…that is if you can laugh at yourself.  They make me laugh because there is much ridiculousness. These sites make me laugh because I don’t know what else to do. These sites make me laugh because in my head I say, “they can’t be serious”, but in reality I know they are.

The only thing I know how to do is trust that God can use all of us…even when we think each other are crazy and wrong.

If you want to be saddened and slightly entertained…don’t say I didn’t warn you.


9 thoughts on “Christians are crazy

  1. Sliceoflaodicea is the craziest!! On a sidenote, did you change your reader settings? Your blog appears in my bloglines reader now with the first line of your entry and that ANNOYING dot dot dot… […] It’s enough to drive a pregnant woman crazy!

  2. Ummm…OK, I’ll bite; just exactly what is it that you find “sadden[ing] and slightly entertaining” about these sites? Is it the devotion to the Bible as God’s inerrant Word? The uncompromising declaration that Jesus is the only Savior? The concern for seeing the poor fed, the sick ministered to, the lost having the Gospel preached to them? And, yeah, that ‘Sliceoflaodicea’ sure is crazy; imagine actually thinking that Christians might not want to pray to Allah, or have an ‘R’-rated church! Da noive of some joiks!

  3. So, it’s crazy and hateful to tell people if something other people are teaching is false? That’s kinda like calling a Doctor hateful because he keeps telling patients who have cancer that they have cancer.

  4. You know, I get where the world is coming from. They see basically the same things in us as them. We are not supposed to look like the world yet we get into the same things,and also the differences in the many denominations. It can all be quit unattractive.We are called to come out from them be separate.We are not to call evil good and good evil.yet some people chose to live their lives like the world and so people are not going to see Jesus, they will only see lives that live contrary to the christian faith.As long as we are on this earth in fleshly bodies we will struggle with the flesh,but you know what the answer is???Surrendering everyday to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and being filled and over flowing with his Holy Spirit .We can not do it our selves , we will always fail. But staying in the word of God and surrendering our lives being filled with his Holy Spirit will give us the strength to continue to become the people God has called us to be.I can honestly say I am not ashamed. And Jesus didn’t come to accommodate the world he came to bring the truth.And to die and live again so that the world could receive eternal life.AS far as all these websites that are not in good taste or they are offensive,a little leaven ,a little poison, a little deception.can do a lot of damage. But if we seek we will find.I did through all the lies , God brought me to the truth.And he can and will for those who earnestly seek him. Hope this encourages who ever reads this.Take care xo-Lani Mag

  5. Perhaps you could do us a favor and take us through these sites and show us what you find offensive. I have heard of all of these but the only one I read regularly is pyromaniacs. Every post i have ever read has been grounded in Scripture. The posts are always filled with Truth. I would love to read your comments about the sites specifically.

  6. I have to say that for me, the discerning factor in Christian websites (and Christians in general, really) is rarely their knowledge of “Biblical Truth” (because, a lot of the time, they are pretty accurate about what the Bible says). What tells me if they’re legit or not is whether all I hear is “gong…gong…gong…crash” a la I Corinthians 13 when I am reading (or listening to) what they have to say. And Lani, thanks for what you said. I appreciate it a lot…no gongs…lots of truth. :o)

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