For many people change is a curse word.

The fear it.

Run from it.

Hide from it.

I embrace it.  It is a reality and inevitability of life as well as growth. However, just because I like change does not mean its always easy.  Specifically those large transitions in your life that change everything.

Today is a rough day because the realities of the current transition and coming change have befallen me.  Where as my wife will struggle and mourn the changes once they have happened I struggle and mourn long before the changes actually occur.

I love the church we are leaving.  I love the people, the leadership, and the vision.  Over the past three years (specifically the last year and a half) we have shared intense brokenness and healing together.  We have shared frustrations, joys, heartache, and much ridiculousness.  It’s hard to just walk away from that, even if it is following the call of God on your life.

As I finish up at Revolution, doing my best with the ministries I am involved with and helping in the transition of new people, I also am looking ahead to New Orleans.  I never knew how overwhelming it could be to be in the middle of the two worlds. On the one hand you have the realities of New Orleans.  Obvious facts like, the city is different since we left, most of our friends are gone, we have no place to live or jobs to make money, and then we have the exciting but complicated and time consuming process of beginning a community center and possibly a church launching out of that community center.

Couple that with the realities here in Southern California, namely, not being around family and friends as often, walking away from a ministry that you know God has used you in ways you didn’t even think possible, finishing strong, and the odd sensation of helping plan for a future that you will not be apart of.

It is all of these things that for some reason have all come crashing down on me today.  It will all be fine, I know that in my head and heart, but today I mourn the transition because I need to.  I need to wrestle with the pain, fear, doubt, and loss that accompanies change.  If I don’t how can I move forward with the excitement and passion that is lurking deep within?

So I guess I leave you with this, transitions and change are not the end of the world…

but today, for me, it kind of feels that way.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Christopher-WOW, you have a gift for writing, no doubt. Bill and I can kinda relate-when you made the announcement “officially,” we both felt sad and sick. God has not been shy about letting us know that you would move on, the writing has been on the wall for a while. And we know with all of our hearts that we are so blessed to have gotten to know you and to call you our friends.
    Leanne stopped by for coffee with Bella today, and there is no bigger compliment to us than someone feeling comfortable enough to come over. Bella knows our names, and the names of most of our pets. She steals our hearts, and it makes us feel so special.
    Having dinner the other night was just so great-
    and we are going to soak you guys up all we can.
    But we both also know this is soooo right, and it sets such a great example for us and all those around. I think of Francis Chan holding onto that balance beam……….. You’ve loosen your grasp on the beam, and are willing to do God’s work in a POWERFUL way.
    Besides, we always wanted to go to New Orleans…. and I know we will be welcomed with open arms!
    Praying for you, and are here for any reason.:)Lori, Bill and the rest of the petting zoo……

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