Verve Venture Capitalist – A Unique Opportunity

Want to help change the face of Las Vegas for the better?  A buddy of mine Vince is launcing a church on the Vegas Strip and recently God provided an awesome opportunity.  I come to you friends to ask you to help.  Below you will find his blog post as well as all necessary links.


From Vince,

We have an unbelievable opportunity to get an amazing space as the permanent, 24/7 facility that can be home to our church services, seminars, food co-op and all we’re doing for the church we’re starting here in Vegas.

So if we can get this space it would change everything for us, in an awesome way. The problem is that there are expenses to get into the building, and so we need to raise $50,000 – and the way we’ve chosen to do that is $100 at a time. To make this happen, we need 500 people who will give $100. Would you please be one of those people?

To learn more, and to give, go to

Also, 500 is A LOT of people, so would you please let your friends know about this, put it on your blog, Facebook it, Twitter the web site, send smoke signals, whatever you can to help us get the word out.

Thank you SO MUCH for considering this – you have no idea how much it means!



Vince’s Blog

Verve Church

Verve Venture Capitalist


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