I will miss some things about Southern California

In a few weeks we will be leaving Southern California to complete our move to New Orleans.  As the time draws near I have been uncharacteristically reminiscent.  I have realized there are some things  I will actually miss about this place.  Of course I am going to miss family and friends to the point that I am pretty sure I will not be able to effectively communicate, but I will also miss a few things that are unique to So Cal.  So here is my list of 12 things that I will in fact miss about Southern California.

12. Jamba Juice – In New Orleans we have Smoothie King, which (in my opinion) is far below the deliciousness that is Jamba.

11.The Long Beach Airport – So fast, so close, so great.

10. Trader Joe’s – Oh Trader Joe’s – you and your ways.

9. Earthquakes – There not often and rarely large but they make an otherwise boring day a bit more interesting.

8. Mexican Food – It’s the closest thing to Mexico…literally.

7. Santa Monica – I always wanted to live in you.

6. Big Bear – My favorite escape.

5. The El Dorado Nature Preserve My favorite God spot…and about the only non beach nature around me.

4. My Ralph’s – You have ben the best neighborhood grocery store a guy could have ever asked for.

3. The Beach – Let me be clear, not the sand, but the beach.  Although dirty, you were always wonderful during sunsets and night-time bon fires.

2. In N Out – This needs no explanation

1. The Disneyland Resort – I will miss you most of all old friend.

There it is…Stay tuned for my list of things I will not be missing.


3 thoughts on “I will miss some things about Southern California

  1. Today Carlos and I talked about how much we will miss you. You’re such a wonderful Palsy Welsy guy. Sorry, I had to put it that way cause I was gonna get mushy. 😉


  2. 12. Slowly, they are moving east my friend. Dallas has tons now! Maybe by 2012 or so, they’ll hit your spot. Until then, Southwest offers many $39 fares to DAL.

    8. If you ever drop in for some Jamba, you might as well stay for some decent Carne Asada.

    2. My heart hurts for this. I just got misty eyed. It’s almost enough to make you reconsider it all…

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