An update from the Lytle’s – Please read.

Happy Holidays friends,

We wanted to be able to send another update before the holidays and our ensuing move to New Orleans…which is quickly approaching. Christopher has finished up his duties at Revolution Church and is now working part time at Macy’s for the holidays while Leanne is finishing up her tutoring responsibilities. We have shipped our stuff to New Orleans and we are currently living with an incredible family from our church for the month of December. Our plan is to arrive in New Orleans the first week of January and as you might imagine we are experiencing all the highs and lows of a big transition. Below are a few things we wanted to let you know about.

1. Miscarriage – Not a fun thing to share but we wanted to be able to share with you that Leanne miscarried early in her first trimester. After some tears, much prayer, and support we are both doing fine trusting God all the while.

2. We are moved – As we stated above all of our stuff is now in New Orleans and awaiting our arrival.

3. Partnerships – God is beginning to provide people in California as well as in New Orleans who are interested in partnering with us and The CENTER. It has been exciting to see God move even in this time of transition. It has served as further confirmation for what we are embarking upon.

4. Urban Missionaries – We have asked 15 people to pray and fast about moving down to New Orleans to join us in this new work. The conversations have gone incredibly well with many of these individuals and we are again trusting God through the process that He will bring those he wants. With that being said if what we are doing in New Orleans sparks something inside of you, let us know…we would love to talk with you and share the vision as well as answer any questions you might have.

5. New Email – Christopher’s email address will now be

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. We will send another update once we arrive in New Orleans.

Please continue to pray for us, specifically for the following…

1. Transition – There are still plenty of highs and lows in this transition. Please pray for our family to be united and strong through all of the unexpected surprises. Also pray for Bella. At 2 1/2 years old things are a little confusing.

2. Friends & Family – Some of our family and friends are having a difficult time with our move and we want the God of peace to work mightily in them.

3. Urban Missionaries – Pray for those praying and fasting about joining us in New Orleans.

4. Provision – We still need roughly 2,000.00 to cover the rest of our costs for moving.

5. Opportunity – Please pray for opportunities for us to connect with people and form partnerships for this new venture.

6. Wisdom and Clarity.

Feel free to email us with any questions you might have. Once again have a wonderful Christmas.

Ready to see what God will do,

Christopher and Leanne Lytle

Christopher 562.505.8302

Leanne 562.484.4852


One thought on “An update from the Lytle’s – Please read.

  1. So glad you are set up w/ Larry and Lisa, they are simply awesome. Praying that the next few
    weeks go well, and that you can enjoy this Christmas more than any other. We love you all.
    Lori and Bill

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