Baby Steps – An Update from the Lytles

Baby Steps
raining jackson

Happy Friday!

It’s a rainy afternoon here in NOLA, and I can’t tell you how nice it is to hear the steady rainfall outside our open windows! We’ve missed these rainy days and look forward to many more as we continue working in (and for) this city we love so well.

This has been a great week for The CENTER.  Christopher filed the Articles of Incorporation on Tuesday and they came back approved on Wednesday!  This means that, according to the state, we can now officially begin the paper trail that will lead us to becoming a bona fide non-profit.  It also means that, with your help, we will file that paperwork by the end of January!

20.20.100.  Remember our challenge in our last update?  We asked for $20 during the next 20 days from 100 people.  So far, twenty-one people have taken that challenge, and this is only Day 7.  That means there are 13 days left to give!  The CENTER needs your donations before it can even come into existence!  January 28 is the deadline.  If you can give, we can file, and The CENTER can officially begin!

There has been a snafu with PayPal, so we’re asking that you send your checks to:

PO Box 850722
New Orleans LA  70185

On the family front, we are all well.  Christopher and I are getting reacquainted with old friends and Bella’s making new friends.  We are still looking for jobs, but Leanne had an interview that we hope leads to part-time sales lead position (with benefits).  Christopher is still waiting to get a response from the applications and resumes he is sending out daily.  You can definitely keep that in your prayers, along with…

Pray it up…
Please pray for:

1. Our continued growth and maturity with God and one another.

2. Hearts ready to respond to the needs we see in front of us daily.

3. Financial provision for The CENTER and for our family.

4. Employment for Christopher and Leanne.

5. God to guide us to the neighborhood He wants us in.

6. Bella to have good friends and to grow up strong in her faith.

7. Opportunities to network and build relationships in the city.

8. A permanent home for us.

9.  Wisdom.  We are told to ask for it if we don’t have it, and since this is a new venture for us, we could probably use a lot of God-given wisdom!

Thank you for being our friends, supporters and cheerleaders!  We appreciate each one of you, and look forward to sharing more good news with you in the weeks to come. Thank you for supporting this God-size vision and the people who will be affected by it!

With Love, Appreciation and Hope,

Leanne Lytle


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