39 more, identity, and the unity of a city

39 more, identity, and the unity of a city.

Greetings from New Orleans,
What a week it has been here in the Crescent city!  Spring like weather has been hovering over the city, we are over half way to our goal and the New Orleans Saints are going to the Super Bowl.

First an update on our 20 dollars, 20 days, 100 people campaign.  We are over half way there with 5 days to go.  We still need 39 people to donate 20.00 for us to reach our goal.  Although we have received the paypal donations we are still unable to get some things straight with them which leaves us with snail mail only.  To donate please send to…

The CENTER, P.O. Box 850722, New Orleans, LA 70185.

Please make checks payable to the Crescent City Community Center.

If you are going to be partnering with us please shoot me an email and let me know so I can keep all of our supporters up to date.


These past seven days as Leanne and I have been looking for jobs, spending time with Bella, and catching up with old friends we both found ourselves becoming frustrated.  This frustration stemmed from our lack of work.  Essentially so much of our time has been spent trying to find jobs that we have been unable to focus on the things that brought us down here in the first place.

We are literally living solely on the grace of God, and you know, it’s a terrifying and beautiful thing.  The reality that settled upon us was this;

For so long our identities have been wrapped up in what we do and what we have accomplished that we sought Jesus’ hand instead of His face.  We want his help but our too impatient to just rest in Him and His glory.  It’s not to say that our jobs or things we have done are invalid or bad its that in our humanness we attached our worth and drive from the external issues of life rather than being consumed with Christ.

Personally this became clear to me as I was walking through City Park.  As I walked past people of every size, race, and economic standing I began experiencing conflicting emotions.  On the one hand my heart was breaking for these people and this beautiful city and on the other hand I was getting ticked off at God for not providing for us in ways that would enable us to focus on the vision he has laid out.

It was then that I heard that still small voice reminding me of His greatness, His glory, His power, His saving grace, His will, His provision…It’s when He reminded me of Himself and how my identity was not found in Him but in me.

I think its the reality of all of us.  Maybe it’s western culture, maybe its every humans insecurities or lack of faith…I don’t really know.  What I do know is how easy it is for any of us to miss the truth and greatness of God because of misplaced identity.

So, today is a new day.  In fact, today is the day the Lord has made and I for one will rejoice and be glad in it because I know He is right here with us.

The unity of a city

Saints Fans
Yesterday, in what was one of the most exciting football games I have ever watched, an entire region came together as one.  I honestly, cannot adequately describe what The Saints mean to New Orleans.  And yes, they are just a football team but they stand for so much more.

Last night after the game we ran out of our friends house and everywhere around all you heard were cheers, horns honking, fireworks, crying, and clapping.  It didn’t matter the color of someone’s skin, their education level, how much money someone had…last night we were one.

My hope and prayer is that through The CENTER God will use us to not only reconcile people to each other but more importantly to Him and that the spirit of camaraderie and oneness will grow in breadth and in depth.

If you get a chance take a moment to read this article from NOLA.com.  It gives you a better understanding of why last nights win was so monumental.

Pray it up…
Please pray for:

1. Full humility and submission to God’s plan, both in the mundane     and the great.

2. Opportunities to be a blessing to the community around us.

3. Provision of the non-profit costs.

4. Jobs for Leanne and I.

5. God to guide us to the neighborhood He wants us in.

6. Our family and friends back in California.

7. Opportunities to network and build relationships in the city.

8. A permanent home for us.

9. Bella to acclimate well and find some new friends.

That’s it for this week.  Again, we only 39 people to reach our goal.  Thanks as always for your support, encouragement, and prayers.

In Awe of His Grace,

Christopher Lytle


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