Thanking God and Thanking You…

Happy February.
Although we are still waiting for a few checks to come in it looks as if we have made our goal.  Thank you all so much.  Our 20 dollars, 20 days, 100 people challenge has helped us take care of a major hurdle for The CENTER.

I am currently finishing up the bylaws and a few other miscellaneous items for the IRS and will soon be filing all of our required documents for our non profit status.  Although quite involved, this process continues to teach Leanne and I to trust God’s favor and timing.  We’re so grateful for partners like you who are helping us accomplish something great for the city of New Orleans!

Soon we will begin efforts to raise full funds for The CENTER.  This will not exactly be a small undertaking, but I have no doubt in God’s provision and vision.  Confidently we will move forward.  I am working with a few people to come up with a realistic budget for the first 3 – 5 years which will then serve as a rough framework for outreach, programs, and staffing.

Our next benchmark goal is to have our initial fundraising promo material, information packets, and a more detailed description of services and resources offered at The CENTER ready by the end of February.

These materials will help us better communicate the vision of what we are doing and what is to come.  I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

That news will be coming soon but first allow me to share this with you…

When it rains, it pours.
As you know, Leanne and I have been depending on God to take care of us day to day.  When we set out to New Orleans on January 1, we knew we would have a temporary home, but we had no jobs lined up, and very little money.  We left Southern California knowing it was the right thing to do, and God has continued to pave the way for us.  Don’t get me wrong it’s been challenging, but God is pouring down His favor.

Before we ever left SoCal, God provided a free house for us to stay in New Orleans.  Then, when we thought we wouldn’t even have the money to drive across the country, we received a few unexpected (and very generous) gifts from friends.  We have been here a month now with no jobs, our bank account finally reached $0, and wouldn’t you know it?  God has given us jobs…not just one…but three.

There is definitely a lesson to be learned here…but you probably already figured that out.

On Monday I will begin work with the U.S. Census as a crew leader.  Then on Friday (thanks to God and old friend from NOLA named Tony), Leanne and I begin working as upscale security guards for a private firm.

Believe me when I say we are celebrating…and not just because its Mardi Gras season!

That’s all for this week.  As always thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support.

In Awe of His Grace

Oh yeah…one more thing…

Pray it up…
Please pray for:

1. Continued personal and spiritual growth.

2. Openness to serving the community at large.

3. The “higher-ups” who will be looking at all of our non-profit application materials–that God would give The CENTER favor in their eyes and they’d pass us through the system quickly.

4. Influence at our jobs.

5. Wisdom.  Lots of wisdom.

6. Bella to make friends and find her niche in the community.

7. A permanent home for us.

8. Us to be a strong, God-honoring, loving family.


One thought on “Thanking God and Thanking You…

  1. So happy for you guys and how things are going for you. Not surprised that you were able to find jobs as you both are superb people and God seems to have taken an interest in your Christlike venture. Kee¶ the updates coming!!

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