Changes in the plan…

An Update From The Lytles

Christopher & Leanne Lytle

P.O. Box 850722 New Orleans, LA 70185

A busy month indeed…
Greetings from New Orleans,

It has been an eventful 30 days for us here in NOLA.  With the Super Bowl win, Mardi Gras, family visiting, and starting new jobs we can certainly say it has been a busy month.

Over these past 30 days some challenging and exciting things have come to light for us in regards to The CENTER.  Challenging because I’m kind of a control freak, and the plan that was before us has been altered. This causes a detour which means that the launch of an actual community center will be further off.

It’s exciting, because it’s a pretty awesome detour!


Detours, although sometimes a pain in the neck, serve a purpose.  They may delay us from arriving at our ultimate destination but they also saved us from falling into a giant hole in the ground or driving off an unfinished bridge.

They are an essential aspect to life and our journey to The CENTER is about to take an exciting detour.

A Little Background Info…
In October, while Leanne and I were visiting New Orleans, a small seed of an idea was planted into my heart.  I didn’t give it a whole lot of thought at that moment but as time went on I had many sleepless nights wrestling with God about this idea.

Over the past several months as Leanne and I have talked and prayed I thought that this idea would take shape after The CENTER was launched…kind of as an offshoot ministry.  I was wrong and here’s why.

The CENTER is a giant undertaking in a city, who for the most part, does not trust new things or organizations.  This presents obvious complications for the launch of a new community center. The image  I got was of a giant cypress tree being planted with no roots.  A tree like this would fall crashing to the ground at even the slightest disturbance.

It became abundantly clear that we needed to some how lay down some deep roots and make a name for ourselves in the community before we launched.  The question was, how?

That is when God suddenly shoved this idea to the forefront.

The Resting Place

The idea is simple, go into the heart of the French Quarter and provide a place of relaxation for those that work and/or play in this area of the city.

We’re calling it The Resting Place.

The Resting Place is in fact a part of The CENTER, call it a root if you will. It provides us the opportunity to begin to do hands on intentional urban ministry in the middle of one of the most well known places in the country.

In a few days I will be sending out another update specifically outlining some of the details of The Resting Place, but for know I will bid you adieu, as I have taken up a lot of your time.

As always, thank you for your continued encouragement and support and don’t forget to…

Pray it up…
Please pray for:

1. Continued personal and spiritual growth.

2. Openness to serving the community at large.

3. The CENTER and The Resting Place.

4. Influence at our jobs.

5. Wisdom.  Lots of wisdom.

6. Bella to make friends and find her niche in the community.

7. A permanent home for us.

8. Us to be a strong, God-honoring, loving family.


2 thoughts on “Changes in the plan…

  1. I can see it and it is a wonderful way to introduce yourselves to the area. Sometimes we don’t take the time to get to know the regular people and those are the ones that will be the faithful people. One of your many strength is to get down on a persons level,
    listen to them, help them and then they will trust you like a brother. A small but mighty seed will grow into a secure tree and produce fruit. I have lots of coffee mugs I can send you to serve up a cup of Joe.

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