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The Resting Place pt 1.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Over the course of the next several weeks we want to be able to give you, our partners, a more complete picture of The Resting Place.  Today it’s all about the numbers.

So sit back and grab a cup of free trade coffee, an organic scone or a bag of green Hersey’s kisses as we take a look at the insanity that is starting something from nothing.

New Orleans by the numbers

It’s easy to mischaracterize New Orleans without ever having been here.  Outside media outlets, churches, government, and miscellaneous non profits rarely get the information correct about the city.  The statistics that are below are all from the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center, The Association of Religious Data, and The New Orleans Visitors Bureau.

The GNOCD in particular has proven to be an invaluable resource for the community as a whole as well as those who are active or planning to be active in the overall welfare of the city. I know that statistics are rarely exciting but I hope that you will take a look and see where our city is at.

Please note that these statistics are for the City of New Orleans only and do not include the surrounding metro area.

New Orleans Overall
Statistics provided by The GNOCD except for those with asterisks.

484,674 – Population of New Orleans Pre-Katrina
311,853 – Population estimates as of July 2009
66,372 – Fall 2004 public school enrollment
35,976 – Spring 2009 public school enrollment
31% (35,976) – Unoccupied housing units within the city.
23 – Open hospitals Pre-Katrina
12 – Open hospitals as of Spring 2009
17% drop in violent crimes in 2009*

*Provided by the New Orleans police Department.

The Faith of New Orleans
Statistics provided by The Association of Religious Data, The Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans, and the Southern Baptist Convention.

45% – Those who claim at least one faith
136,377 – Catholic adherents
27,793 – Southern Baptists adherents
11,193 – United Methodists adherents
8,800 – Jewish adherents
6,138 – Episcopal adherents
4, 667 – Other Protestant adherents*
1,529 – Independent Christin Church and Churches of Christ
15% – Estimated amount of population who adhere or dabble in

* Including Assemblies of God, Vineyard, and the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Tourism and The French Quarter
Statistics provided by New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation.
All numbers are based on the 2007 travel year.  Current estimates are not readily available but are expected to be 5-10% higher.

– 7.1 million – Visitors
– 70,000 – Jobs the tourist industry employs*
– 1,398+ – Restaurants
– 21,000+ – Hotel rooms
– 125+ – Lounges/Bars/Pubs/Clubs **
– 10+ – Strip Clubs **
– 400+ – Shops/Boutiques/Stores **
– 20 – Tourist Attractions **

* Including but not limited to restaurants, hotels, attractions, tours, bars, adult entertainment, casinos, and transportation.
** Statistics encompassing the French Quarter only.

What these numbers can’t tell you is the individual stories of the people that live here.   They can’t tell you about the strong sense of community that exists naturally.  The numbers can’t tell you that New Orleans is filled with people who know Jesus…but don’t know Jesus. The numbers can’t convey the beauty and the brokenness that is all around…they are, after all, just numbers. All these stats do however begin to give a small idea of where our city is at.

In the next update we are going to discuss the location and why we’re deciding to drop down right in the middle of the most visited neighborhood in the country.

Looking forward to sharing more with you soon,

The Lytles

Pray it up…
Please pray for:

1. Continued personal and spiritual growth.

2. Openness to serving the community at large.

3. The CENTER and The Resting Place.

4. Influence at our jobs.

5. Wisdom.  Lots of wisdom.

6. Bella to make friends and find her niche in the community.

7. A permanent home for us.

8. Us to be a strong, God-honoring, loving family.


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