Crazy Republican christians!

It has been a long time since I have felt the urge to write a post because I am so irritated/saddened/disappointed by something.  However, the response of many Christians today dealing with the signing of health Care Reform has got me all muddled with thought and emotion.  Primarily it is the crazy Republican Christians.  You see, I know a whole bunch of Republican christians but very few Christian Republicans…and yes there is a difference. (The same can be said with Democrats, independents, etc…but for tonight I focus on the CRc.)

I have some friends out there whom I love hearing there perspectives on politics.  These friends are insightful, passionate, and firm in their beliefs.  Friends like Rachel, Nathan, Jenny, and Nader come to mind.  We don’t always agree.  In fact, a lot of the time we don’t, but the one thing that always stands as a firm foundation is our mutual faith in Christ, the belief in the supremacy of God, and our mutual respect for one another.  These people, and several others like them, are my Christian Republic friends.  These are the friends that are Christian first and republicans second.

Then we have the Crazy Republican christians.  Those who are Republicans first and then christians second (and yes I put christian in lower case on purpose).  These are the people who make me frustrated, and sad.  Today in various emails I have been told that I am not a true Christian and a traitor to our nation.  I have been told this not because I am for Health Care Reform (Which I am not in it’s current form) but because I made the assertion that Christians who oppose the Reform should check themselves and their anger before spouting off.

I get being overwhelmed with disappointment.  I understand being frustrated.  However, the  way in which we conduct ourselves speaks of who we are in Christ and how people view Christ and His Church. For the past 24 hours, what  I have seen and heard has been nothing short of disgusting and most of which has been perpetrated be people who are of a political persuasion first and faith second.

At this point I am praying that God shows me how to love the Crazy Republican christian because right now I don’t know how.  Right now I see individuals speaking on behalf of Christ when they have no business speaking about such things at all. Right now I see people acting in such a way that goes in direct contradiction to who Jesus was and is.  Worst of all, I see people using Christ as their political agenda/scapegoat – making certain that He dwells within the confines of there political preference.

So to all you Christian Republicans out there i want to say thank you. Thank you for showing the truth of your faith even in disappointing times. To all you Crazy Republican christians…please don’t claim Jesus if you’re not going to act like Him.

Until next time….

19 thoughts on “Crazy Republican christians!

  1. Thanks for the affirmation. 🙂

    Agreed…I think one should be able to speak about politics without their christ like behavior taking a back seat. And in all honesty, I think if you have to bring religion into the debate, you probably don’t have a very strong argument. There’s little Christ did or said (that I know of) that has anything to do with politics and government (other than being more important than them).

    So when people on the left say Christ would give health care to the poor, or people on the right say gay marriage is wrong because of the old testament…those are pretty terrible arguments. But regardless of them being bad arguments, we shouldn’t ditch the christ-like behavior, no matter how passionate we get about a topic.

    Good post.

  2. That’s what I don’t get, how one side can say Christ would/wouldn’t do this or that and then back it up with “law” is basically saying that Christ is not greater than Government, he can’t provide, and therefore we must make sure it’s done.

  3. As I said when we spoke in the car yesterday, I don’t understand people who want to put our nation on God’s hit list because we’ve passed healthcare reform. Nations can honor God apart from national policy, and, quite frankly, I think God has better things to do…and so should we. America is not and has never been God’s chosen people. That’s Israel and the Church…whatever you believe about those two things.

    The only thing I can recall Christ or the Bible saying about government is (1) to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s (taxes, etc.) and (2) to pray for and respect those God puts in authority over you. And I’ll add to that (as myself of course…not as the words of God)..if you don’t like what your representatives are voting for, then maybe you should get the necessary education and some motivation and become one of the policy makers. Otherwise, quit abusing your right to free speech and use it for something useful…like spreading the gospel Christ did teach instead of a political agenda.

  4. “I get being overwhelmed with disappointment.” I don’t even get that. These are worldly things. Christ is not of this world, and if we are his children, neither are we. Conform to this world or be transformed. Personally, I feel as if politics in general are about as far away from Christianity as you can get. I have voted Republican, Independent, and Democrat in presidential elections because I vote for whomever I believe to be the best candidate. They have all disappointed.

    Now, I have conservative republican friends who are totally up in arms. In fact, one of them just received a letter from his health insurance company stating that rates were expected to rise 30% due to the health care bill passing. However, all is not lost. That simply means that God will provide an extra 30% of provisions if we are faithful and believe.

  5. Nice distinction, man. I feel your pain.

    I used to be more like some of those Crazy Republican Christians and I know a few of them still. Switching churches from the homogenous suburbs (where I still have many dear friends) to one down in the city, I found a diverse group of Christ-followers who love the Lord and yet have some varying thoughts on how that love applies in the messy world in which we live.

    The irony is that so many Christian-Coalition-minded Conservatives give lip service to freedom, but in the name of their concept of God’s holy order, want to mandate that to America. I share many of their values (as a fairly conservative but somewhat libertarian myself), but recognize that they’re not much different than progressives who want to remake America in their own image. That’s why i’m a big proponent of liberty—because that’s the gift that God gave to us and, though he has the right, hasn’t taken away.

    But you’re right, the bottom line is for us to do justly (ourselves) and love mercy (for all) and to be a light. Those of us who get too wrapped up in politics need to go take a look at how concerned Jesus was with it—he didn’t even advocate freeing slaves but was more concerned with their hearts and the hearts of their masters within the flawed system they inhabited. Let’s try to speak the truth in love…and not to do one without the other.

  6. I dont have anything new to add. I agree with you completely.

    The only other thing I want to say is…. remember my awful vision? The fact that Im practically legally blind with out my glasses? yeah well…. make this font bigger!!! I can hardly read this even with my glasses on and my computer held at arms length! And with this new dark layout.. well, you’re killing me and my poor almost useless eyes. That is all.

    1. Lori—do you have a mac? If so, just hit command (open-apple) and the plus sign and the font will enlarge. If you don’t have a mac, get one…or, I know there’s a way to do that same thing on a PC.

      1. it’s “control” + “+” to increase size and “control” + “-” to decrease on Firefox for windows… also she does have a mac and that’s not the point she was making, the font still IS SUPER small on his template and that’s a valid point.

        From a design standpoint, causing your readers to have to rely on knowing/having to increasing the size via the browser just for your site, you’re potentially making it harder on them because the rest of their browsing font sizes could potentially look too large, unless they remember to up and down size…

        Also, to further nit-pick… the contrast of the highlight color of this font on the background of this comment box make it near impossible to see what you are highlighting. 😉

  7. One more thing worth noting on this point, I think. A friend reminded me of this Bible passage this morning. It’s a great reminder to Christians of all political stripes of an uncomfortable truth in the midst of political angst (which I haven’t lacked the last few days). And if it’s uncomfortable, I figure it’s good to meditate on it: Romans 13:1-7. Here’s an excerpt:

    “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment….”

    As I told my friend Mark, one could read this and say that the American revolution was out of line or that a neo-nazi regime could be acceptable. I still maintain that “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” (Edmund Burke?). We are called to speak the truth in love—to “be angry and do not sin” (Ephesians 4:26). But none of that changes the truth to be found here (and, as we seek balance, remember that it doesn’t mean 50/50…it means being full of love and truth).

    Without love, we’re a sounding gong. We should instead let our light shine bright…whether as an advocate or objector.

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  9. I am a born again Christian and a democrat. Some Christian republicans that I know do fall into the “crazy republican” category, I disagree with them, but I still like them, as long as we are not talking about politics that is…I like them because many of them are also genuine Christians, they are despite thier ideas, my brothers and sisters in the Lord.
    I honestly think their biggest issue is that they forget that love is more important than money…they haven’t read James in a while I guess. Also, some of them think that President Obama is the anti-christ (I do believe God’s Word and I do think there will be an anti-christ, but I doubt if it is President Obama!) which just seems stupid because so far, he doesn’t fit the bill (they need to read their Bibles).
    Most of them think it is sinful to give health insurance to same sex couples. I believe that God’s word is true, homosexuality is a sin, but I’m a sinner and I have health insurance. …why not be consistent? How is being unkind going to do any good?
    I like the health care bill.
    I am pro-life (and I sure wish there were more pro-life democrats)
    Actually part of the reason I’m a democrat is b/c I’m pro-life…I don’t like the idea of killing babies and their mom’s in other places like the middle east (or here in this country through abortion)…again, the lack of consistency is frustrating.
    Come Soon Lord Jesus! Maranatha.

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