Believing in something greater

I think, within each of us, there is this desire to believe in something greater than ourselves.  We join clubs or fraternities.  We latch ourselves to a favorite sports team (Go Saints!).  We join churches, synagogues, masques, and other such institutions.  And we put our ideologies firmly on the shoulders of leaders making believe that we are some how apart of what they are doing.

This innate desire drives us, inspires us, comforts us, and at times it crushes us.

We have been living in New Orleans for 7 months now and everywhere I look I see people who are crushed because the “something greater” turned out to be pretty dang ordinary, or it just didn’t deliver.  The truth is, that it doesn’t matter which city we live in…if you take time to see people…and I mean really see them, I think you will find that all around us are people who are sad, or frustrated, or angry or lonely with nothing to believe in.

Right about now you might be thinking to yourself…thank you captain obvious, which is a fair statement. What I am saying is nothing new or ground breaking. My question is, what are you going to do about it? My belief in Christ will always be the lens I see life through and what I see is the church missing the boat on simply offering people hope to people who don’t believe in something greater.

In your city and in mine there exist a need for people of hope and grace and truth.  Christians who will come down from their lofty places and do something to actually care for the people around them.  It’s easy to go to church…but its whole other thing to be the church.

Until next time…


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