15 movies that make guys cry.

We all know that many (not all) women cry at a variety of films.  However, there is this notion that dudes don’t or won’t do the same.  Although, for the most part I would agree there are quite a few movies that will get some fellas leaking from the ocular cavities (that might be the grossest thing I have ever written), no matter how manly they may be.  Here is my list of 15 movies that make guys cry.

Rudy – I have yet to meet a man who does not get choked up at this movie and I have known plenty who went all out weepy…particularly at the end.  Of course it helps that this is one of the greatest movies of all time.

The Return of the King – Scoff if you must, but when everyone bows to the Hobbit’s it touches a nerve within men of the innate principles of honor, service, respect, and humility.

Field of Dreams – Because lets face it, everyone has daddy issues.  When guys watch this they either long for a better relationship or mourn the relationship they once had with their fathers.

Old Yeller – As you kid you sobbed…as a man you weeped.

Braveheart – Because it’s what most men aspire to be.  A man of courage, greatness, strength, and humility…all wrapped up in fighting for a cause that is bigger than you.

Saving Private Ryan – Few war movies make such an assault on your mind and heart, especially when every man knows someone who has been in the military.

Life is Beautiful – Because life, even amidst tragedy, is indeed beautiful.

The Notebook – Ok maybe not every guy but any guy that has loved deeply.  This is the movie all guys got dragged to and unexpectedly got moved. I know more dudes that cry at this movie than ladies and I think it is because we like to fix stuff…and there is no fixing Alzheimer’s.

UP – The first 10 minutes alone can wreck a man but so can the last 10 minutes.

Dead Poets Society – Because we all want to stand for something.

The Green Mile – Forgiveness and grace change people even when things don’t work out the way you would hope or in  a way which is fair.

The Champ – If you have seen it, you know why?

Shane – See the previous reason.

Dumbo – I know what you are thinking…Dumbo, really?  Yes really.  The baby mine scene in that movie reminds us of our moms and the love and protection they give.  Watch again and try not to cry.

Glory – The last 20 minutes.

Some honorable mentions…

– Gladiator

– Big Fish

– Jerry Maguire

– Good Will Hunting

– Road to Perdition

– Most sports movies (Remember the Titans, The Rookie, Chariots of Fire, etc..)

– E.T.

Any guys out there willing to admit to any others?


3 thoughts on “15 movies that make guys cry.

  1. The only one you really got me on there was Rudy. And I think there was just something in my eye. 😉

    However, the only movie that ever made me cry like a baby, not even choke up, but cry…
    Simon Birch.

  2. I wanted to cry during Return of the King, but couldn’t. Same with UP. When Jennie died in Forrest Gump I shed a few. But you know when I CRIED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL? In Radio when his mom died…I couldn’t help it. I was bawling.

  3. I’m pretty sure I cried at the end of ‘King Kong’ when I saw that in the cinema back in 2005 (I was 10, can you blame me? :P) but the one film I’ve seen in the past few years which has really had me on the brink of tears is ‘Marley and Me’. If you don’t have a dog it might not have the same effect, but if you do… wow, it sure does know how to milk your eyes :L

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