Ignorant people

Every day I am bombarded with ignorance regarding NOLA and Katrina.  People speaking to things they know nothing about…Take Craig from California. On the topic of New Orleans being back he says,  “A whole bunch of lazy, uneducated, violent, criminal black people sitting around cashing tax-payer welfare checks, smoking crack, pimpin women, stealing, assaulting, killing, etc.Welcome back New Orleans!”

SERIOUSLY!? And that’s not even the worst that comes across my screen.  The core issues, that lovely individuals like Craig continue to site, are things such as – blaming the Corps of Army Engineers – expecting everyone else to do the work for us – and it’s been five years get over it.

First off – If it were not for the failure of the army corps of engineers the levees would not have failed in the first place.  Add on top of that the fact that they did not take responsibility for it until like 2 years ago…and yes there is a lot of anger.  That anger stems form the breakdown of government on all levels in regards to the evacuation process, the levees, FEMA, and a myriad of other things.

Secondly, No one here expects the govt to do anything for them.  Every person I know in this city is so eternally grateful for all of the help and love and grace that people throughout this country showed and continues to show.  I know 10 people off the top of my head, all encompassing different races and economic levels, who got screwed by insurance companies.  So they went to the govt who was offering help.  These ten individuals barely got help.  They were told help is on the way..it wasn’t.  So they rebuilt themselves and in 4 of their cases are still rebuilding and still living in trailers.  No one is expecting a handout…what was expected was that just as in any disaster that the govt. on all levels would follow through with the assistance that was needed.  If it weren’t for the gumption of the people here and the extreme generosity of others, very little would be done. So we trust people just not the govt.

Lastly, it’s been five years, get over it. – I honestly don’t know how to respond to this because I think my anger would get the best of me,  Let’s just leave it at this…when your life, your families life, and your friends lives are all destroyed – then tell me to get over it.

I am biased, true.  I lived here before and through Katrina.  There are still people that I have no idea where they ended up.  I still have scars, and above all else I love this place.  I don’t expect people to “get it”.  I don’t expect people to care as much as we do down here for our community and our lives.  What I expect is that people would conduct themselves with common decency.  That people outside of this city and entire gulf region would put an end to the ignorant ramblings.  And that if people really want to know…then do the research, come down here and I will introduce you to a whole lot of people that can give you the reality of Katrina.

I’m gonna go pray now so as not to be consumed with anger.


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