Jersey Shore, The Goonies, Rapper’s Delight, and other things I am proud of.

It might seem that having a post on things I am proud of, in the midst of a soul changing examination of my own arrogance, might seem counter intutitve. However, I think with some things it might be ok to boast…just a little bit.

Having said that…here are then things I am proud of.

I am proud of the fact that…

10. I have never had to travel to or through Nebraska. – I don’t think this needs any further exposition.

9. I don’t like coffee. – If I am going to be addict to a legally addictive stimulant it’s going to be Diet Coke and althoughI love me some caramel            frappuccinos, we all know that those things are mostly sugar…so it doesn’t really count as coffee.

8. I can dine by myself without feeling awkward. – Granted this could be because I usually create the awkwardness for others as opposed to experiencing it myself.

7. I let a tarantula crawl up my arm. – Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually scaring? Absolutely! But I did it!

6. I know the secret menus at In & Out, Starbucks, and Jamba Juice. Yes its true, for my last meal I would like a 4×4 with fries animal style, a Captain Crunch Frappuccino, and a Gummy Bear Smoothie. Don’t judge. You know it sounds awesome.

5. I have never shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch. – Granted, it is in part because their largest pair of pants would not fit around my left calf but it also because the noxious amounts of 13 year old pre pubescent boy cologne the shoot out into the mall warns me of the idiocy of shopping at said establishment.

4. Weight Watchers. – 85 pounds and counting can not be argued with.

3. I know all of the word’s to Rapper’s Delight. – All the cool kids do.

2. I have seen The Goonies well over 100 times. – Sad? I think not. Awesome? You’re freaking right! Goonies never say Die!

1. I have never seen one episode of The Real Housewives of Keeping up with the Kardshians in the Jersey Shore. – Although I’m sure that when I’m down I would feel better about my own life after I watch these televised train wrecks, I’m all but certain I would regret the loss of my intelligence and time.


2 thoughts on “Jersey Shore, The Goonies, Rapper’s Delight, and other things I am proud of.

  1. 1. congrats on the weight loss, I am actually stuck right now and have gained a little back.
    2. I had no idea there were secret menus @ starbucks or jamba juice. Need to find those out.
    3. GOONIES… Never say die. I have gotten my kids hooked on that movie already.

    I think you are a phenomal writer and wish I could do it like you but sadly I have a hard time sharing and keeping up with it. Kudos to you.

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