25 People/Things That Bug Me – including but not limited to Ryan Seacrest, Glenn Beck, Lady Ga Ga, damp towels, and more

Every now and again I post a list of people/things that bug me.  Let me be clear that although these things do in fact bug me, my list is all in good fun…mostly.

So here it is 2011’s 25 people/things that bug me.

25. Glenn Beck – Although I find his paranoia quite entertaining hearing his voice longer than 1 minute makes me want to run head long into a telephone pole.

24. People who don’t take ownership of their mistakes – One word…cowards.

23. The Falcons/Cowboys/Broncos – It’s the principle of the matter.

22. The Kardashians – Its not a personal thing I just don’t get it…I really REALLY don’t get it.

21. Russell Brand – You should not have to try that hard to be funny.  Looking like a strange drag queen version of Keith Richards and acting like an idiot just doesn’t do it for me.

20. Michael Moore/Rush Limbaugh – These two are perennial favorites of mine.  And by favorites I mean two different sides of the same arrogant extremist coin that make my eyes bleed.

19. Spider-Man Turn off the Dark – In fairness I have not seen it. That being said…thanks for ruining my childhood superhero.

18. Sean Penn – I’m actor on a soap box everyone sucks but me. Less yappin more actin.

17. Dora the Explorer – I don’t really know why. She just bugs me. Maybe it’s because Go Diego Go is a far superior show.

16. People who act like they can drop it like it’s hot…yet can’t seem to pick it back up – Only a few of you will understand this.

15. Auto-tune – an entire generation of music listeners who think singing is what the Black Eyed Peas and Lil Wayne do.

14. The CW – Anyone over the age of 15 understands what I am talking about.

13. President Obama’s Speaking Cadence – No disrespect intended. Lord knows I have my own speech cadence that bugs many, but I can’t listen to him give speeches without bobbing my head.

12. Ke$ha – The way she spells her name is reason enough. Add on top of that girls telling me she is their role model and I can’t help but fear for our future.  I mean what are we, French Canadians?  Sorry, that was a cheap shot…speaking of…

11. French Canadians – Because, they made Caillou a perpetually bald headed four year old.

10. MTV – I keep hoping that one day they will play music again but instead they just keep showing…

9. The Jersey Shore – Seriously, our national collective IQ has plummeted because of this show.  People blame the president, the stubbornness of our elected officials, conservatives, liberals, and everything in between for the current state of our country.  Me, I blame The Jersey Shore.

8. Ndamukong Suh – Dirty football players who are delusional ruin football.

7. Damp Towels – They just feel yucky.

6. Lady Ga Ga – Remember that one time this new artist came out with some catchy pop tunes and then become the most overexposed entity this side of an intro to Photography class? Let’s see…make a 70’s gay disco album and call it the best album of the decade. Check. Be birthed out of an egg. Check. Seek attention in whatever means possible. Check. Try and be Madonna. Check. Scar the collective conscience of millions of people. working on it. Seriously in need of therapy. Obviously.

5. Gordon Ramsey – Never in my life have I wanted to see someone get punch in the face as much as I do with Gordon Ramsey.  I know, it’s not a very Christian thing to say but seriously…how awesome would it be if Jesus punched him in the face and then told him to turn the other cheek?

4. The Twilight Saga – Seriously. It’s like reading/watching a 13 year old girls diary. Boring, lame, overly emotional, and poorly written.

3. People who think New Orleans is the den of Iniquity – Ignorant. Don’t blame us for the drunk tourists. They’re your neighbors, not ours.

2. Ryan Seacrest – It’s his fault Rick Dees got the boot in LA. It’s his fault the Kardashains are everywhere. It’s his fault that metrosexual is still a word used in the american vernacular. It’s his fault Kidd Kraddick hasn’t been given his due. I mean I don’t want to blame him for all of the social ills in our world but I am pretty sure he is to blame for all of those things…and bird flu.

1. Myself – As always, I am my own worst enemy.

As always, feel free to add your own to the list.


4 thoughts on “25 People/Things That Bug Me – including but not limited to Ryan Seacrest, Glenn Beck, Lady Ga Ga, damp towels, and more

  1. OOh i agree with all of those.. I’ll add a few more..

    26. cans that dont stack. How am I supposed to organize my cupboards if my stinkin’ cans wont stack on top of each other? Why can these companies get it together and all agree that the top rim should be a tad smaller than the bottom of their cans?? Idiots.

    27. leaf blowers. They can put a man on the mood but they cant create a leaf blower that doesnt sound like you just put a herd of cattle through a wood chipper.

    28. women. now, I am one, but over all, I dont like ’em. Catty! Maybe its because it reminds me of all of my own faults? Probably.

    29. Black Friday. Seriously, like Americans dont already look like the most stuck up, spoiled brats on this earth.. we created a day to celebrate that fact. Embarrassing.

    30. Lytles moving away. Sucks several big toes and makes me sad all the time.

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