Rihanna and Chris Brown

Let me first state the obvious. I do not know Chris Brown or Rhianna. I am not a woman. And I do not have a degree in psychology.

What I do have is common sense and a 5 year old little girl. Why does that matter? Well, much like my faith these things are a part of my perspective and my perspective of Chris Brown and Rihanna is one of sadness, anger, and frustration. 

As a father I hope that my daughter grows up to understand that being a strong independent woman does not mean that you tolerate ignorance or abuse of any kind. As a father I hope that my daughter will have enough respect for who she is, her gender, and her faith that she will always stand up for herself and for those too afraid to stand up on their own. 

When I see Rhianna, I see this scared little girl pretending to be an empowered woman. When I see Chris Brown, I see a petulant little boy trying to be a man. When I see them together my heart breaks at what seems to be a juvinile relationship that has no basis in mutual respect, commitment, or love.  I firmly believe people can change. I have seen it in my own life, in those around me, and yes even other pop culture magnets and yet it does not take a rocket scientist to see that very little has changed individually or as a couple (at least in their public personas).

So why am I putting my opinion out into the randomness that is the internet? Because I am tired of people missing the point.  Look, I have nothing against the music…to be honest I quite like many of their songs…what I am talking about is people standing up for all of the little girls and boys of this world. I am talking about individuals taking the time to realize that these two people who are broken and hurt and need of actual restorative love and change are the influencers of our culture. These are the people the next generation is looking at for inspiration and because of that we have a generation who thinks abuse is just a normal part of a relationship. We have young people everywhere that think it’s no big deal to completely degrade anyone they want. We have youth of every gender, race, and economic standing who are perfectly content with having zero respect for themselves or others. 

That is not ok.

Until next time…




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