2012 Favorite Things – Including Netflix, Apple, Kidd Kraddick, and More…

At the end of each year I like to reflect on all the awesome and not so awesome things that happened. Generally, I post several top ten lists and a list of stuff that bugs me. This year I am adding a new list, My 2012 favorite things.  Its kind of like Oprah’s favorite things but it includes people and…well, I don’t give you anything.

So sit back and relax as you read about my 2012 favorite things. (family and faith not included…because they go without saying)

Wickle’s Pickles – Best. Pickles. Ever.

Netflix Streaming – If it were not for netflix streaming I would have been much more productive. Thank You Netflix.

Kidd Kraddick in the Morning – Kidd, Kelly, Big Al, JC, and Jenna are some of the Best Friends I have never met. Out of all the morning radio shows theirs is the only one I will listen to. Shallow enough to make you laugh and deep enough to make you cry (I’m talking about you Kidd’s Kids) Kidd Kraddick in the Morning is the best part of waking up.  I take that back, seeing my family is the best part of waking up…but Kidd Kraddick in the Morning is second. Now if I can only get them to move to NOLA so we can hang out.

Happy Hour at Dominica – Best Happy hour in New Orleans and it’s not because of the drinks. Half off gourmet pizzas are the real draw. I don’t want to oversell it or make it super crowded but these are some of the best pizzas in the city. My favorites are the Bolzano and Spicy Lamb Meatball Pizzas.

0.5 mm Uni Ball Vision Elite Pen – I like pens. Not expensive ones, because I tend to lose those, but just good functioning pens. This pen is my favorite because it just is. use it and see why.

Barnes and Noble – I don’t care about the digital age. For me, there is nothing more relaxing then going to Barnes and Noble for a few hours just to peruse actual books. Granted when you walk in the door they attack you with NOOKS, but if you pretend to not speak english they let you pass without so much as a word.

ESPN.com & EW.com – Sadly, I have to know what is going on in the world of sports and entertainment. ESPN.com and EW.com are, far and above, my two favorite websites. Like Netflix however, these two add to my lack of productivity. Again, I say thank you.

The Art of Shaving – Sandalwood Shaving Cream – It’s just good quality stuff. Sure it’s a bit overpriced, but this is one of those things I believe is worth the extra money if you have it.

Disney World – Don’t judge me!

Sunset Beach North Carolina – A nice little island off the cost of North Carolina. Even in the middle of summer it never seemed to crowded. A great place to go with the family.

Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues – Everyone needs a little Gospel.  I have had brunch at a lot of places but by far this is the most fun I have had. If you ever get the chance you should do it and you will see why it is on this list.

NPR – It’s not just for old people…I swear. When you can listen to “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”, “Fresh Air”, “This American Life”, “A Prairie Home Companion”, and “Car Talk”…whats not to love? Granted there are some shows that beg to be made fun of and mocked but overall my day would not be complete without some NPR.

Apple – Yes I drank the kool aid and bought the sneakers. Call me a cult member…I don’t care. Apple products are still some of my favorite things.

Milwaukee 2410 – 22 Cordless Drill – If you don’t have a garage filled with tools and are relegated to a cabinet in the bathroom like I am…then this is the perfect drill for you.

Football – I just love it. Rodger Goodell however…well, that is another issue entirely.

The Olympic’s Opening Ceremonies – Weird creepy giant baby aside, that was a great opening ceremonies.

Cinnamon Crunch Bagel with Hazelnut Cream Cheese at Panera Bread – The best single bite I can think of right at this moment.

There you have it…

My 2012 List of Favorite Things.

Up next 25 Things The Bug Me – 2012 Edition.

Until next time…


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