The voices in my head

At last count I five have different voices in my head.  Each voice represents a different aspect of who I am and each voice is a giant pain in the…

Before you have me thrown in a padded room, let me explain.

Like anyone, I have several facets to who I am.  There is the obvious facets – husband, father, son, brother, manager, and pastor.  There is, of course, the not as obvious – dreamer, arm chair adventurer, and learner.  There are the facets of me that are merely filler – lover of all things entertainment, opinionated bafoon. Hidden away are the “what I want to be when I grow up” facets – Church planter, restauranteur, imagineer, CEO of something, chef, travel writer, actor, and professor.  And lastly we have the “what once was” facets – personal history and experiences.

That is a lot of competing noise in my head.

Many things about being an adult rock (we all have our favorites), but one of the things that suck about being a grown up are the voices in our heads.  All those experiences, hopes, dreams, plans, and (of course) responsibilities vying for our attention, screaming at us, or worse, lazily sitting in the corner eating a Dorritos Locos Taco and drinking a mountain dew.

If I didn’t have Jesus, or more correctly, if Jesus didn’t have me I am pretty sure I would go nuts.

Truth be told, I kind of like the voices in my head. They are  apart of who I am.

I just wish that sometimes they would shut up.

Until next time…


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