5 Things I Will NOT Miss About New Orleans

5. Drunk Tourists – Sure they pump lots of money into the local economy but that doesn’t make them any less annoying.

4. Corruption – It is everywhere.  I mean we’re not Chicago, but it’s still pretty bad.

3. Stinging Caterpillars – Each May and June these demonic little creatures come forth.  If you have accidentally stepped on one or even barley touched one, you know how horrible this pestilence really is.

2. Roads – Seriously, its like driving in the hills of Tijuana.  I’m not entirely sure why there are so many beautification projects going on when you can’t even drive down your own block without bottoming out or seeing water come up from the ground. My suspension and alignment are very excited to be in a place where roads are smooth.

1.Summer! – …all seven months of it.  This past year for Halloween it was 84 degrees and humid.  That’s not ok. I know that Nashville will have heat and humidity but come Mid-Septemeber I can breathe easy as opposed to seeking counseling for my anger issues caused by the ridiculously long summers. New Orleans I love you, but May to November is kind of horrible.

Until next time…


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