Family Ties to How I Met Your Mother – A look at my inability to say good-bye


For as long as I can remember, I have  struggled with the inability to say goodbye.  More than likely it’s my unwillingness to feel the sadness and pain that is associated with loss, but I guess it could also be the fact that saying good-bye requires something from me.  It requires me to accept things I can’t change.

Although this can be seen throughout areas of my life, nowhere is this more evident than my refusal to watch series finales of my favorite TV shows (you didn’t think my first post in 10 months was going to be super deep did you?).  Don’t get me wrong, there are a few shows like Friends, Lost, and MacGyver I weepily said good-bye to but I had to make sure that I watched them alone and I avoided people for the next several days.

In my mind the characters that filled these shows are still out there living interesting lives.  Often times, (I’m not psychotic, I swear) I will sit back and develop a story of what certain people are doing.  I know it’s kind of sad, but surely I’m not the only one that struggles with this.  I figured that the best way for me to deal with this character deficiency is to be completely transparent about all of the finales I have refused to watch over the years. Don’t judge me.

1. Family Ties

2. Who’s the Boss

3. Growing Pains

4. The Cosby Show

5. A Different World

6. Quantum Leap

7. The A Team

8. Full House

9. Perfect Strangers

10. Saved By the  Bell

11. Roseanne

12. Buffy the  Vampire Slayer

13. Dawson’s Creek

14. Home Improvement

15. Everybody Loves Raymond

16. That’s So Raven

17. House

18. The  Office

19.  Friday Night Lights

20. Battlestar Galactica

21. 30 Rock

22. Good Luck Charlie

23. How I Met Your Mother

Yeah, I have a problem.


2 thoughts on “Family Ties to How I Met Your Mother – A look at my inability to say good-bye

  1. Bro—I’m with you on almost everyone of these TV shows you have listed. I am still reeling from the season finale of Psych. I still haven’t watched it… In many ways I have lost myself in some of these TV shows. Like you, I still believe they are alive living out their characters somewhere out in the atmosphere of life, and I don’t get to live it with them—weird, I know…

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