It’s happening – a request for encouragement and partnership

runningshoesIt’s finally happening. On August 30th, 2014 I will be running a half marathon in Indianapolis IN. So many of you out there have continued to encourage and challenge me towards this goal and I thank you for that.

Now I come to you with two requests.
1. Encouragement – Although I am confident that I will complete the half marathon under what is expected, it is still going to be a challenge. I am currently working on my half marathon play list and I want you on it!  If you have the time, I’m looking for 15-30 second audio clips of you cheering me on. It can be funny, ridiculous, heartfelt, or just plain sappy. If you can, email Leanne the audio clips by August 22nd.

2. $13.10 for Tom and the Walker Family and/or Clifford Gupton
Tom was recently diagnosed with lukemia and a bone morrow disorder. He just began his second round of chemo. We are confident that the lukemia will go into remission but once it does Tom will more than likely need to have a bone morrow transplant.

Clifford is a 24 year old who was recently diagnosed with a form of cancer called germ cell carcinoma. He is also in the midst of chemo treatments with many more to come. He will more than likely need several surgeries as well.

Obviously, for both of these men, there are a ton of medical expenses which is why I am asking you to donate. $13.10 is not a lot of money and I believe anyone, even kids, have the opportunity to help these two guys out. With that said, please do not feel tied to $13.10. You can give as much as you would like.

To donate to Tom, click here.

To donate to Clifford, click here.

To learn more about the half marathon I am running, click here.

Thank you again for your continued encouragement and support as I get ready to cross off a goal 3 years in the making.

Until next time….


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